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Encrypted Online Security Grant Application Form

You can submit your Security Grant application online. Just answer the questions below in the box provided. When you have answered all the questions press submit and the application will sent sent directly to Front Line Defenders.

After submitting your application a Front Line Defenders staff member will contact you. Please ensure that the method of contact you are providing is secure and that it is OK to be contacted in that way to discuss the application further. If you feel that contact with Front Line Defenders may put you at risk we suggest that at minimum you use a secure computer, safe internet connection and open a separate, new email account and provide this address in the application instead. For further information see: Keep your online communication private ( and Communicating with Others (

Contact details of the applicant, and must include full name, organisation, address of organisation, phone number and email, and the name of the person accountable to Front Line Defenders for the organisation.
What security risks are you facing? (Please include details of the most recent security incidents that have led you to apply for this grant)
What do you want to do and how would the proposed grant make a difference to your security and reduce the risks you face?
What results do you expect? Is there a way to measure whether it has made a difference? (this will be what we expect to be covered in your report on the grant in addition to original receipts for purchases)
Give a precise breakdown of costs for each requested item / measure. (Where applicable provide quotes. Note that Front Line Defenders may ask to see various quotes and / or may propose alternative options)
Give a concise outline of your group/organisation to include its aims, previous activities, membership, organisational structure, financial structure, work with other groups or networks.
In order for us to assess this application, please give contact details (name, organisation, phone, email) for at least two referees who are well known within the human rights community in your country or internationally, and who know your work.


Applications can also be sent by post or email to:
Front Line Defenders
Avoca Court
Temple Rd
Co. Dublin
A94 R7W3


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All the information that you have submitted is sent through our secure, (SSL) encrypted channel.
To increase security, all information is additionally encrypted using PGP/GPG key.