Guatemala: Prison sentence handed down by Guatemalan court for issuing threats against human rights defendersposted on: 2011/08/04

Front Line welcomes the news that a Guatemalan court has handed down a three-year prison sentence, commuted to a fine of 10 Quetzales per day over a three-year period, for the crime of issuing death threats against human rights defenders Ms Norma Angélica Cruz Cordova and Ms Gloria Ayala Pinto

Further Information

A court in Guatemala City has convicted Mr Marco Tulio Ayala Casasola for issuing death threats against Norma Angélica Cruz Cordova and Gloria Ayala Pinto on repeated occasions between 2009 and 2010. The Court was provided evidence, presented by the Unit for Crimes Committed against Human Rights Defenders, of the Guatemalan Attorney General's Office for Human Rights, which identified Marco Tulio Ayala Casasola as the author of the threatening calls.

Front Line believes that the aforementioned judicial sentence highlights the possibility of conducting successful investigations into crimes committed against human rights defenders, including those concerning threatening phone-calls and messages.

Guatemala: Break-in and robbery at the offices of human rights organisation Fundación Guillermo Toriello (FGT)posted on: 2011/07/01

On the night of the 26-27 June 2011 human rights organisation Fundación Guillermo Toriello – FGT (Guillermo Toriello Foundation) was broken into and valuable equipment, containing sensitive and important information, was stolen. The FGT promotes the rights of poor rural communities in Guatemala, and works to improve the livelihoods of those communities through supporting their claims to access land and offering technical advice, agricultural support and humanitarian relief where necessary. At the national level the FGT lobbies the Guatemalan government to introduce laws and policies that benefit poor rural communities in Guatemala.

Guatemala: Killing of human rights defender Ms Maria Margarita Chub Cheposted on: 2011/06/10

Front Line is deeply saddened by the news of the killing of human rights defender Ms Maria Margarita Chub Che on 4 June 2011. María Margarita Chub Che was a community leader in Parana, in the municipality of Panzós, she participated in the Consejo de Comunidades del Polochic (Community Council of Polochic) and was active in the pursuit of truth and justice for crimes of the past.

Guatemala: Detentions, threats and assaults of members of FREDEMI and ADISMIposted on: 2011/03/04

On 28 February 2011, numerous members of human rights organisations Frente de Migüelense contra la Minería – FREDEMI (Miguelense Front against Mining) and the Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de San Miguel Ixtahaucan – ADISMI (Association for the Integral Development of San Miguel Ixtahaucan) were reportedly subjected to attacks, detentions, physical assault and other forms of harassment while returning from a peaceful protest in the municipality of San Miguel Ixtahaucan.

Further Information

FREDEMI is an alliance of various communities and organisations opposed to the mining operations in the area.

Guatemala: Death threats against human rights defender Ms Norma Angélica Cruz Córdovaposted on: 2010/03/26

Human rights defender Ms Norma Angélica Cruz Córdova, director of the Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivors Foundation) has received a series of death threats against her and her family.

Guatemala: Death threats against human rights defenders and surveillance by unidentified individualsposted on: 2009/05/08

Front Line is deeply concerned following reports that nine human rights defenders from two prominent organisations have received multiple death threats via SMS text message and two have reported surveillance by unidentified men, at least two of whom were armed.

Guatemala: Threats against human rights defender, Mr Leocadio Juracán Jaloméposted on: 2009/03/09

Front Line is concerned following reports of phone threats received by human rights defender, Mr Leocadio Juracán Jalomé, on 26 February 2009. Leocadio Juracán Jalomé is the Coordinator for the Comité Campesino del Altiplano – CCDA (Peasants Committee of the High Plateau), an organisation which develops projects for food sovereignty and rural development and supports programmes for a new model of peasant organisation, empowerment of women, and the transformation and commercialization of social services.

Guatemala: Sexual assault and murder attempt against family member of human rights defender, Mr Manuel Calel Moralesposted on: 2009/03/02

Front Line is deeply concerned following reports that a girl who is related to Mr Manuel Calel Morales, a human rights defender, was the victim of a sexual assault and a murder attempt on 17 February 2009. Manuel Calel Morales is the Coordinator for the Asociación Guía que Conduce al Pueblo Tierra del Maíz – Kamal B'e Rex Tinamit Ixim Ulew (Guiding Association which Leads the ‘Land of Maize’ People), a non-governmental organisation which has campaigned since 1980 against impunity for crimes committed during the internal armed conflict in Guatemala which lasted from 1960 until 1996.

Guatemala: Forensic anthropologist Fredy Peccerelli targetted for investigating killingsposted on: 2008/10/22

“Your days are running out f******g REVOLUTIONARY. Today we have your sister under surveillance. She is wearing black trousers and a white shirt. It is going
to be easier than we thought”. This is typical of the threats received by Fredy Peccerelli Director of FAFG the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation which carries out exhumations of mass graves to return the victims to their families and to find evidence which will bring the perpetrators to justice.

Guatemala: Assassination attempt against human rights defender Yuri Meliniposted on: 2008/09/11

Front Line is extremely concerned by reports of the attempted assassination of Yuri Melini on 4 September 2008. Yuri Melini is the Director of the Centro de Acción Legal, Ambiental y Social de Guatemala (CALAS) [Legal, Environmental and Social Action Centre of Guatemala]. CALAS is an organisation working for the strengthening of environmental issues, community participation and respect for the collective rights of indigenous communities in relation to environmental concerns.