Posted 2010/8/3

USA: Human rights lawyer Ms Lynne Stewart resentenced to 120 months imprisonment

On 15 July 2010 human rights lawyer Ms Lynne Stewart was resentenced to 120 months imprisonment by the Federal District Court in Manhattan following the orders of an appeals court who had deemed her original sentence of 28 months, too light.

Further Information

Lynne Stewart had been convicted in 2005 on five counts, including conspiring to provide material aid to terrorists which arose out of her legal work in defense of an individual convicted of terrorist offences in the US .

Front Line is concerned that the dramatic increase in the length of Lynne Stewart's sentence is disproportionate, and that statements made by Senior Public officials prior to the appeal appear to put into question the independence of the judicial process in this case.

For further background details on this case see Front Line USA - Threats, Attacks, Arrests and Harassment of Human Rights Defenders which is attached as a PDF.

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